Cherilea Plastic – Part 2

 Identifying Cherilea figures

Cherilea Data

One of the things that can help with collecting or selling Cherilea figures is that it’s relatively easy to identify them. That is when compared to many of the smaller english makers who still to this day generate much debate on whether it was made by a particular maker.

With Cherilea most figures have specific markings and again over time you begin to know the standard poses used across the various figures lines. With all figures from this period moulds were sold/exchanged and copied so its pays to use a good back up reference guide. Plastic Warrior’s Cherilea special is the most detailed reference guide available and while it could be updated and laid out better (It’s also in black and white) it does provide an excellent level of information on the maker and figure sets. Very good value as well. Get it here     £5.00 UK £6.00 Overseas. here’s an extract of the page covering the usual markings found under bases.

 Cherilea Marks – Image courtesy of Plastic Warrior

You want more Figures……I’ll give you more figures!

The second part of the Cherilea posts also looks at some more of the toy soldier output. As can be seen on the data page Cherilea was a prolific maker in the 50-70’s and issued figures from many different eras and in different scales.

This part will offer a view of the figures by scale. Again the images below are figures that I have acquired and sold during the last few years. A photo showing relative size and some figures for each of the scales up to 70mm.

Re-issue Elizabethans Nicely Painted

I’ve included some of the reissued figures in this post. These are still being issued today and can be picked up very cheaply and painted. While this may appeal to some in my opinion you cannot beat the original figures even if most of the paint has already been lost!



Scale Guide

Larger Scale Once Piece Mouldings

These crop up a fair bit and as they are a larger format often seem to have some damage or a few chew marks. Here are a few examples of some of the one piece figures including the 60mm + once piece UN figures that are often cited as some of the worst moulded toy soldiers of all time. I find them very  interesting and complex and although not well collected I’ve still sold a few of them including one of two of the scarcer items that are best offered complete and do generate interest.

The Swoppets

 The full story of Cherilea Swoppets is a tale worth telling in full so will leave for another time but I though a few more pics of the figures would be in order. For those people wondering just what a swoppet is my definition would be a simple one. “A toy figure with individual parts that can moved around to create variations and unique figures”. It has to be said that Cherilea did not make a great job of all its Swoppets and figures do vary in overall quality but some are very nice and very much of the period they were made while others are ungainly and poorly sculptured. Lets have a look…….. This mounted Indian is complete and definitely fall into the nice category ….

Some more Cowboys and Indians and Civil War figures. Note the different bases used some marked on the upside “Cherilea Toys”.

And then my personal favorites from the Swoppets are the knights …..

Look out for part 3 . Batman and Robin  and some of the other figures not mentioned so far.


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7 Responses to Cherilea Plastic – Part 2

  1. douglas vasey says:

    very interesting site! i am after cherilia’s 5 ” /6″ figures; i have one indian. do you know what else they did in that scale?

    • Hi Doug,
      Yes I am aware they did the 120mm/larger figures. The plastic warrior special on cherilea has a few pics of 6 inch figs . Cowboys and indians . At least 7 poses( 3 indian , 4 cowboy ). maybe more . They also do a 80mm tarzan figures. Prefer the 54mm early stuff and some of the 60mm. Good luck anyway. I can post a pic up if you want.

      • douglas vasey says:

        if its no trouble, i would like to see the pic, since its doubtful i’ll ever see the real things. thanks!

  2. I’ve posted some up for you

  3. Phil frost says:

    i have recently become the owner of a 1970s cherilea large plastic tank,
    i have since found that it was a replica of the action man scorpion tank,
    but i cannot find any pictures or other information on it at all can you help ?
    many thanks

  4. Andrea Leaver says:

    James Leaver (Jim) was my grandad

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