Lone Star – Part 2

Lone Star Data

The second part of my Introduction to Lone Star. We start with Lone Stars Naval figures, Frogmen and Divers and then take  a look at some of the other popular figures in 54mm.

Lone Star have been described as imaginative in the choices they made in choosing figures to mould and once of the ares they showed this was producing two sets of naval based figures. Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

Naval Figures

Royal Navy

Naval Officer with Binoculars

These figures were produced in dark blue or white and had various paint schemes. The set had a variety of figures plus a helmsman wearing a duffle-coat and an officer with movable arm  holding binoculars. The helmsman was found in Brown but I also came across one in an olive green . The officer often turns up with his arm missing.

Royal Marines

Another interesting set which doesn’t turn up very often is the Royal Marines. Ceremonial figures dressed in  blue dress uniforms with white helmets.


These came in three varieties. Black/Green /Silver as Naval Frogmen. Flesh with Trunks as Skin divers and an Orange set for a tie in  with James Bond ( Thunderball ) which of course helps to date them. Here are some examples

A Midget submarine was also issued with two divers.

Hong Kong versions of the divers turn up all the time and while the Lone Star figures are not marked they are fairly easy to distinguish from others as they have a solid feel and above average weight which is fairly typical of a Lone Star figure.

Other Lone Star Figures

Dick Turpin– Highwayman

Robin Hood Series & Medieval Figures


African Natives – Lone Star Orginal and HK Versions


American Civil War


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3 Responses to Lone Star – Part 2

  1. le-ludoprimophile says:

    I search some pictures of Lone Star ladies fashion.

  2. kevin william swaisland says:

    i.ve got the witch doctor . all ways wonderd whot he was holding in his hand as it had brocken off, and got the Zulu with spear and shield to body . but theres a big difference in size ?

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