TOY TOTEM POLES for 54mm figures


During the course of buying and selling figures I often come across toy Totem Poles. These are the accessories that go with American Indian figures however the totem pole is really indigenous to the tribes from the North West Pacific Region.

That never bothered the toy figure manufacturers who of course leant heavily on the movies and TV series of the 50’s and 60’s where every Indian camp had tepees, totem poles and a good old camp fire. Not intending to have a collection I suddenly found myself with a fair few of these toys in an old box including the very nice Herald/Britain’s poles produced from the 50’s onwards. After some time I noticed that these started to turn up in different colours and base shape variations.

If you like Totem Poles you may find this interesting but if you would rather watch paint dry I’ll understand. Here are the poles I have. Some of these are, I guess, fairly rare. If you are interested in buying any let me know. Err… camp fires and other obscure stuff to follow soon 🙂


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  1. Jeff Myers says:

    Absolutely fascinating. Thank you for posting. My only recollection is the more common Timpo version, but some of the others are incredible.

  2. Kenneth Gray says:

    Does anyone know how many versions of totem poles Timpo produced?

    • Michael Maughan’s Timpo Book shows three variants but I doubt very much that that’s all you can find . I’ m sure that you would be able to find variants issued in Germany and very possibly New Zealand. It would be a mighty task to try and pin this down but good luck if you try. I now have two of the timpo poles. The one above and with the main colours reversed.

      • Kenneth Gray says:

        Thanks. I have two others in addition to the common one and its reverse . One the same as the reverse pole but brown in the middle instead of black. One with a slightly different yellow face to the common one and the #2 on the back instead of #1 like the others, which is green in the middle. So there are at least four.


  3. Ken . Would be great to get a photo to post on the site. You can email me at blackdragoncollectables@gmail.com if you want to add to this post

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