Robin Hood – Toys in Tights !

Robin Hood & his Merry Men

Errol Flynn Movie - The best in my opinion

In this post we move away from makers to look at individual characters.In this case Robin Hood, his merry men, the Sheriff of Nottingham and his men at arms… oh and the lovely Maid Marion

I often drive through the county of Nottingham skirting around Sherwood Forest and have often wondered just how much of this story is actually true. Everyone will know Robin through the numerous Hollywood movies including the recent Russell Crowe epic which I thought was great and set the story as a prequel to the familiar story we all know and of course we have had several British TV series over the years which have always created a new audience. Like Arthur Pendragon and his knights much of what we now have has been built up over the years in fables and slowly laid down and changed until the early part of the 20th century when movies took the stories and embedded them in our minds. At the same time the toy figure companies started to produce figures and of course Robin was a great choice for figures set as the characters were so well defined.  if you have read this and don’t know much about Robin then …..

Robin Annual from the late 50's

Wikipedia has a good summary of Robin Hood which you might want to read for more info and I’ll focus this post on pictures of the vintage toy figures produced over the years.

A number of these movies and TV series were produced just at the time when toy figure production moved into cheaper plastic production and so we find that most of the companies around at that time issued a set of Robin Hood figures.

So we find figures by Airfix, Marx, Herald, Britain’s, Cherilea, and Lone Star amongst others. Of course before plastic companies like Benbros were making Robin figures in Lead

Bembros - Mutch the Millers Son - Robin Hood

If you are interested in collecting these figures Plastic Warrior have produced a “special” devoted to the collecting of Robin Hood figures. As usual this is an excellent publication which currently is in black and white but hopefully will be issued in colour or is that green and red! In due course. .So on to the figures. A mixture of figures I have sold and a few from my own small Robin Hood collection.

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2 Responses to Robin Hood – Toys in Tights !

  1. Pauline Williams says:

    Please help I have a old rare Robin Hood toy figure, that you have a picture of can anyone identify the age year and a value price on it please. Can’t seem to see any anywhere else. Thanks Paula.

  2. Hi Paula – Can you send me a pic . and I will come back to you.

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