ATLANTIC -The Italian Job

I really Like Atlantic figures. This Italian company was productive in the 1960’s and 70’s but went bust in the early 80’s . Alas most of the molds were lost but some survived and turned up in more recent years as I understand it in Iraq making it into distribution via a company called Nexus. I never had these figures as a kid but I wish I had . The level of detail on the figures was on a par with any other maker and I also admire the really nice 60’s and 70’s art used on the packaging. In particular the “far west story” themed set which showed not just fantastic detail but great variation in accessories and theme. I’ve been selling some Atlantic figures recently. 1.32 sets I acquired at an Auction and some 1:72 far west sets in header bags that I picked up at a antique fair £10 for the lot :-). Here are both of the header bag art from the Kit Carson and Gold Rush Bags . I think each baggie had the same contents as the original boxes and may have been seen as  more cost effective way to getting product sold when times were hard.       AND FINALLY SOME MORE PICS.

Atlantic Roman Cavalry



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