GEMODELS 40MM 50’s and 60’s Plastic Figures

GEMODELS – English Plastic figures 1950’s– 1960’s

I Picked these figures up on ebay the other day for a few pounds . GEM are an  important minor English plastic maker whose owner  George Musgrave was the first designer with ZANG/Herald before Britains acquired them.

To give you some Idea of price the golfer was just under 3p in 1975.

He did many figures that no one else bothered  to do and he did do them well. His 54MM figures are great but these smaller 40MM have a certain charm to them and although they have little value are hard to find , often unmarked and often found in old cake tins !! 

 Tom the Pipers son with Piglet head turned variant

These 40mm figures often got used as cake decorations so if you were born in the late 50’s and 60’s in leafy England there’s  a good chance you had a one on your Iced Madeira !

Hand painted – Both with original paint but likely to have been painted at different times.

 Here are  some more  shots of this nice batch of vintage  figures.

Bad skier – So now we know where James Cameron got the idea for the Terminator from !

Winter Figures -Note the sculptured snowballs !

The dogs dont appear in my source guide so may not be by GEM.

go GB 2012



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8 Responses to GEMODELS 40MM 50’s and 60’s Plastic Figures

  1. Dave Scrivener says:

    The sitting dogs are Huskies (note the curly tail). I have a running Husky in the same colour, which I’m not sure who made. However, I vaguely remember seeing a picture of a similar colour Husky somewhere (I don’t remember its pose) which was said to be Hilco. Perhaps Hilco, or one of the short lived reincarnations during its dying years, did a set of eskimos or polar explorers, copying the idea from Britains/Herald?

  2. Barney Brown says:

    Yes, I believe these are most likely by Hilco – I have seen two other poses – a running Husky (probably a Herald copy) and a Husky sitting upright – both are moulded in translucent plastic oft modelled by Hilco and painted in the same style/colours (e.g. Otter with fish in mouth) – I have a saved image of these figures if anyone needs to see them – Barney Brown

    • Dave Scrivener says:

      Yes please Barney, I’d like to see what the sitting upright Husky looks like. I think you have my email address. Do you think there were any people, a sledge, or anything else, in the set?

  3. Hugh Walter says:

    Barney – I thought the Otter was Cherilea? I Have this and the sitting pose (I’ll have to start looking for a running one now!) and I was (am?) starting to suspect they might be unmarked ‘Festival’, as the decoration is the same as that on the little Festival (marked) stagecoach, or more specifically; it’s horses. I’ve also wondered if Festival were the ‘Christmas’ trade mark of Gem or ‘Gem for Culpitt’ as most of their stuff is Christmas (but the candle-holders aren’t!?) oriented. Might Festival be a Hilco/Cherilea imprint as per Monarch/Phoenix?

    • Barney says:

      Hugh – Yes, I was thinking Festival as I now have a batch of old shop stock Deer marked ‘Festival’ (I agree you can find the same models unmarked). Have just acquired the lying and walking Husky dogs and the resemblance to the Festival deer is very marked, both in terms of the plastic and painting style. I don’t know of a connection between GEM and Festival but nothing would surprise me…!

  4. Dave Scrivener says:

    The Otter with fish was first made in lead by JoHillCo, then in plastic by them, then in plastic by Cherilea. I had wondered why it is so big, and thus out of scale with their other zoo animals, and the wildlife in the JoHillCo farm range – until I saw the same figure in its original form, an Austrian cold painted bronze at an antiques fair. It was a wonderful thing, but unfortunately the price tag was about £250! so no, I didn’t buy it. Clearly JoHillCo copied the bronze, although there may have been an intermediate form, possibly made in lead by Georg Heyde, who did several lead versions of bronzes.

  5. Mandy says:

    My daughter has found a bo peep figure on the beach. Are these figures valuabke?

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