Davy Crockett, The Duke and a Love of the ALAMO

Davy Crockett, The Duke and a Love of the ALAMO

As a small boy my Dad used to take me on the train to  London and Leicester Square to see the blockbusters films as they were released. This would have been around 1969  and I was just 7 then . Films like the Battle of Britain, Krakatoa East of Java and True Grit remain in  my memory from this period and these awesome  trips on the train  resulted  in  a love of Films, John Wayne and of London. A few years later and a colour TV the centerpiece of early 70’s home life I saw a movie which still remains one of my all time favorites and led me to a weekend trip to the local toy shop to get the Timpo  trapper figure . Yes…. John Wayne in the Alamo. 

john wayne

A bit later its was Fess Parker as Davy Crockett in the reruns of the TV series that continued my love of coonskin hats and frontiersman garb . As an 18 year  old I even had a frayed jacket myself and the king of the wild frontier was Adam and the Antz. Music had taken over completely with the beloved Timpo and Airfix  boxed up and taken to the local landfill as Mum and Dad had regular clear-outs of the Loft/shed. If only we knew then what we know now.

davy crocket poster









Many many years later I re acquired that Timpo Trapper. Frontiersman always pop up in plastic figure production and over the next few weeks I’ll  post up some pics of figures I have including that Timpo guy. For now here are a few others

Starlux – France




Cherilea backwoodsman England

IMG_0013 IMG_0012

Charbens- England- DAVY CROCKETT



Hong Kong Figure



Another Starlux – France




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6 Responses to Davy Crockett, The Duke and a Love of the ALAMO

  1. The red soft plastic frontiersman with musket across his chest was originally IDEAL, USA. Many thanks for your fine blog; keep up the good work; and see my running plastic figure sales commentaries at my ebay site: “pylgrym”


  2. John Halpin says:

    Being a ‘Baby Boomer’ I too have happy memories of Crockett being part of the Crockett craze. Sadly Fess Parker the Disney Crockett died last year, but his memory will live on for many year yet to come. I have been fortunate in being able to add many of the Crockett (or more correctly Frontiersman as they were never marketed as Crocketts) collectables to my collection although their are still some plastic items that remain elusive, some very rare peices I believe made by Gem models being among then. Love the articles on your site well done

  3. kevin willaim swaisland says:

    i.ve collected plasic figures from the age of ten . all the makes that are listed on this site. I stoped collecting when the toy shops . stop seling tham , but some of the last figures I got were arabs . and I always thort thay were starlux . but seeing the starlux figures on here i.am not sure ? can you help …

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