Timpo – These Boots were made for Skiing !

Apache White Boots & Brown Bases 

I doubt very much that real Apaches warriors would be seen dead in these snazzy White Boots but that didn’t bother the designers at Timpo.  Rare White Boots Apaches . A set of 4 I had all with neat dark brown bases . Hard to find .Timpo Apache



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One Response to Timpo – These Boots were made for Skiing !

  1. Mike Niederman says:

    From your fashion correspondent: They may not have been quite so brightly white, but could be of a very light off-white tanned hide. Just Google Image Apache moccasins for real-life examples. I had a pair myself- white rabbit-skin for the uppers, cow-hide for the soles. The chamois shirts would probably have been a lighter shade even than the caramel number, and as for the green… well! At least the headbands match the shirts!

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