Luke I am your father

Timpo Star Wars Crossover !

Timpo German WW2 Stormtrooper with Black Helmet and Red Hair – Variant . As a kid ( yes reminiscing again! ) I loved my Airfix  1:32 German Infantry and even the little 1:72 guys with the gun emplacement set … hey I have one on eBay as we speak !!! …….  the Timpo germans passed me by at the time but I think they are a much under rated timpo figure group …. Yes they are a bit comical but perhaps in the late 70’s George Lucas got one or two of his ideas from them ……

More Timpo Variants to follow …..



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One Response to Luke I am your father

  1. Wim Grundy! says:

    Would LOVE to get the Airfix Krauts moulded in that Airfix SAS Black … scary!

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