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 Elastolin Plastic – Germans are hard!




In my recent post about Composition figures I mentioned that Hauser (Elastolin) had produced some fine Plastic figures in a very hard plastic (polysterol) during the 60’s and 70‘s.  In 1981 the firm was in decline and the moulds etc were acquired by german toy company Preiser who have since reissued many of the figures.

Preiser Logo

The colour of the plastic Base is a key guide to age for these figures  and easy to identify because of the plastic used ( very hard ) and the elastolin brand on the Socle ( plinth or base ) that each figure has .

Elastolin Socle

The very dark base below is the earliest base used with the last one a Preiser base that does not have the small round raised circle. The White or Pearl base is very sought after.


Figures were made in a number of sizes including 4, 5.5 , 7, 10 and 14 CM although most common are 4 and 7 cm figures.

 And so on to the figures that have come across my way. Romans, Huns, Vikings and Normans.


IMG_6018 IMG_6009 IMG_6008 IMG_6001 IMG_6000 IMG_5993 IMG_5992 IMG_5991 IMG_5990 IMG_5986 IMG_5982 IMG_5979 IMG_5965 IMG_5961 IMG_5960 IMG_5959 IMG_5957 IMG_5955


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