Daily Figure Post – No 12

Herald . The Sheriff of Nottingham. 54mm. Plastic . England

Herald . Sheriff of Nottingham.

Herald . Sheriff of Nottingham.


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2 Responses to Daily Figure Post – No 12

  1. Dave Scrivener says:

    I’ve long thought this set, along with the Trojans, which were also 1957-62 (Trojans later re-introduced in HK production of course), were classic examples of when Britains Ltd really ‘lost the plot’. The Trojans never really went with much else as far as kids then were concerned, The Crescent Romans being about it. On the other hand, the Richard Greene Robin Hood TV show was on every week. They should have forgotten about the Trojans, and produced two more sprues of figures for the RH set, say 4 generic outlaws in green plastic and 4 Sheriff’s men in red plastic. That way kids would have had enough figures to make their own TV episode.

  2. Alan Griffiths says:

    This was the best horse ever made in plastic. Superb animation and the sheriff was a beauty too. Overall the Robin Hood set was my favorite Herald product.

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