Daily Figure Post – No 16

Kentoys . Military Policeman . 54MM. Plastic. England

A recent bootsale find.  Most of the red paint on his cap has gone.IMG_0180


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4 Responses to Daily Figure Post – No 16

  1. Hi, this figure is the Kentoys AA Patrol man, they never made Military Police but you could certainly use him as one.
    Best wishes, Brian

    • Hi Brian
      He’s listed in the Kentoys colour PW special as an MP with colour photo . The AA guys are shown as well. You may well be right ( you usually are ! ) but I
      can see that the cap shows that when fully painted it was red in the same style as the royal military police.
      He was a great find anyway which shows that if you put the effort in you can still pick up old plastic at Bootsales, if you are prepared to put the effort in.

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