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Daily Figure Post 27

ELASTOLIN 40mm Elastolin Mounted Norman      Advertisements

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Daily Figure Post 26

Cherilea Spaceman- Kneeling with Measuring Equipment- 1950’s or early 60’s From original lead moulds  

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Britain’s 15th Century Swoppet Knights

Britain’s 15th Century Swoppet Knights These wonderful figures have been well covered by a number of other sites so I’m not going to offer up a history of the figures because I cannot do it better than those who are … Continue reading

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Daily Figure Post 25

and about time too !!! TIMPO- Doctor Thaddeus TRIPP. Patent Medicines!! Dr Tripp, also known as the TrainGuard …perhaps a little worse for wear . There are two versions of this popular Timpo figure , this common one with black … Continue reading

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Plastic Warrior Show -2016

Dear Blog Readers … Don’t forget the Annual Plastic Warrior Plastic Toy Figure Show coming up in May … Heres some more info …..  

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