Britain’s 15th Century Swoppet Knights

Britain’s 15th Century Swoppet Knights

These wonderful figures have been well covered by a number of other sites so I’m not going to offer up a history of the figures because I cannot do it better than those who are so passionate about them ( I do have a few in my collection ). Suffice to say they remain one of the greatest toy soldier series in plastic ever produced and remain highly collectable but not out of the reach of the average collector.

Ebay remains the best place to pick them up although you may well come across them at collectors fairs or auctions especially if you are seeking boxed and complete models.

For more information on these figures I strongly recommend Steve Burns comprehensive web study of the figures and many related areas.

Here’s some of the figures I have found and sold over the last few years . The Yellow lance is a scarce variant and as far as I know is not a copy .


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4 Responses to Britain’s 15th Century Swoppet Knights

  1. Michael says:

    Where can I find the accessories for these mounted and infantry foot soldiers ? . Swords, spears ect .

  2. Aaron McGibbon says:

    HI Michael, I don’t know if you would be interested but I have for sale a collection of these models inc knights, foot soldiers, weapons for “War of the Roses” collection. Plus there is a lot of other collections of swoppet models available.

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