Unknown Maker - marked Japan

Composition toys soldier and other figures were produced from around the end of the 19th Century until shortly after the Second World War when plastic production became viable more sought after and more cost-effective. Composition is usually used to describe a mixture of sawdust and glue which would usually be added to a metal frame to form a figure.

This type of method is associated mostly with German and European makers. The most well know of these makers are Lineoel and Elastolin. Interestingly Elastolin has become known as a general description of composition figures created in this way and a composition figure might be described as Elastolin even if by another maker to convey that it was a composition figure.

The German makers produced a huge range of composition figures in the 1930 including many which covered the rise of Nazi Germany and are very collectable.

German Composition Soldier - LEYLA

Figures are often available via eBay although they have restrictions on nazi memorabilia. Mercator trading is a UK-based company that specialises in Composition figures.

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