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Daily Figure Post – No 18

Speedwell  Afrika Corps General with movable arm. 1950’s England .Plastic It is possible that this mottled green version was actually sold as a Japanese jungle fighter although he sort of has an  iron cross !……. whatever….. hes a great figure.

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Daily Figure Post – No 17

California . Timpo. 54Mm Lead . England. 1950’s From the Hopalong Cassidy set . Also produced in Plastic

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Growing up with Hong Kong Plastic figures, Jamboree Bags and Woolies   If you have an interest in toy figures and grew up in the late 60’s  and  70’s it’s fairly likely that at some time in your life (for … Continue reading

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Wend-al of Blandford

Wend-Al of Blandford  Aluminium Figures  Introduction The story of Wend-al aluminium figures is a typical British post WW2 entrepreneurial story of how an individual came to recognise a business opportunity that then thrived for some time only to eventually come … Continue reading

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