Black Dragon

Black Dragon Collectables

 We are a specialist trading company that specialises in finding and selling vintage and collectable plastic, lead, composition and metal figures.

 Our main focus continues to be  plastic and earlier lead figures from companies such as Britain’s, Airfix, Timpo, Charbens, Cherilea , Crescent, Lone Star and many of the much smaller niche companies that thrived in the 50’s and 60’s but unfortunately went out of business when the toy market fundamentally changed during the late 70’s and early 80’s.

 Figures range from 19th Century solid lead soldiers and figures through to pre and post war hollowcast figures, early composition figures, solid plastic figures from the 50/60’s, innovations such as the hugely collectable plastic swoppet figures and more recently new metal and white metal figures and kits. Toy soldiers, civilian figures, farm figures and animals, zoo figures, play sets and other collectable items.

 Most figures we trade are 1:32 or 54mm but some are larger and of course some are smaller with 1:72 figures also popular particularly early Airfix sets.

 Buying Blackdragons figures

 Everything we trade is done via eBay as this in our opinion is the best delivery model (in terms of market) for what are often unusual items without mass appeal (but more importantly large numbers of key collectors in many different countries).

 Many collectors often do not have local access to figures from the large number of English companies that produced figures throughout the 20th century and eBay (and other auction sites) provides an excellent trading platform to reach these collectors.

 Figures are usually priced at a starting bid just 99p for individual figures and small lots to reduce listing costs as we know our market well. Larger lots and scarce or rarely seen figures are priced depending on market conditions. We ship worldwide via Small packet airmail. Items over £39.00 in value must be shipped by “signed for” which costs an extra £4.00. High value items will require tracking and extra insurance so if you win one of my auctions then please wait for an invoice (usually follows within 1 hour of the auction completing).

 Selling Blackdragon your figures

 We also buy collections and bulk lots of figures so if you are interested in selling your collection or just the old figures you still have in the loft we would be pleased to consider this for a secure instant bank payment or cash. We will ensure you get a good price for your items without having to do much effort on your side. Email or call on 07789515723 to discuss.

 One note of caution:  While figure can be highly collectable many are not and have both limited appeal and value. Vast numbers of cheap Chinese made figures from the 80’s and 90’s have limited appeal to collectors and therefore lower value. Copies of figures also have limited appeal however that isn’t always true and 1970’s Hong Kong production copies of important sets or characters will often demand good prices, particularly if they are well made ( not always the case ) and represent different colour variations.

 Identifying and valuing your figures

 Do you have some old figures or a collection and don’t know how much they are worth.

 Well you can do you own research but it can be a bit of a minefield as just having an old figure or items in an old loft box isn’t a true indicator they will be worth much in the open market. Prices can vary enormously between figures and often the high value figures are variants of a figure with different colours, different pose or perhaps a rare marking or a limited production run.

 Over the last couple of years I’ve been asked to give my opinion on a number of figure collections and individual figures. I am not an expert in all aspects of the field but I have access to some of the established and knowledgeable collectors in the market, a large number of Individual reference guides, all the plastic warrior specials, and my own database of figure values so often I can help with an answer to the question. One thing I would mention is that if you are planning to sell your figures via eBay or an established toy auction house such as Vectis or Astons you should ensure that you have identified what you have and accurately state the description and condition in any sale activity . Listing such as “toy soldiers” rather than a full description may limit your success in obtaining good price. I’ll give my advice free unless you want some help with a large collection or valuation for insurance reasons. I will do paid valuations based on the following terms.

 Terms and Conditions:

  1.  The information provided is only an opinion and cannot be construed as an expectation of any future income or value
  2. If you wish to use a valuation for insurance purposes you must ensure you Insurance Company recognise the terms under which the appraisal was made
  3. The market value of these items can vary greatly over time so the appraisal given remains a snapshot at a given time
  4. Black Dragon Collectables offer all its maker and valuation appraisals without any liability.
  5. If we are unable to provide firm information that can be supported with actual values then we will decline the request and /or refund the payment in full. We will not guess a figures rarity or market value
  6. If after accepting the appraisal we are unable to reach any conclusions we will refund your money in full. This protects you in full as new items can turn up fairly regularly
  7. If you are unhappy with the service we provide you must contact us within 7 days. A full refund will be provided  however after 7 days no refund will be provided

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