Hawkeye and the last of the mohicans

HAWKEYE , CHINGACHGOOK  and some Davy Crokett too !


Firstly apologies for the total lack of posting  in 2012. Been busy with some other projects.  Anyway I’m back with hopefully a good set of posts to follow.  If you read this and enjoy the short article please do follow the blog . 43,000 hits and just 9 followers !!!.. I get lots of questions and emails but need a bit more of a following  to make the posting worthwhile. Toy figures are not for everyone so I try and cover some of the movies and TV series that influenced the figure makers.

 lets kick off with a look at a few new figures that turned up this weekend at my local bootsale ( for American readers a yard sale in a field !! ) …..

The Figures.


missing his musket





complete and in very good condition 



Hawkeye and the last of the Mohicans was a TV series that ran in 1957 . 39 B&W episodes of a story loosely based on a book by James Fenimore Cooper . Most readers will be familiar with the Hollywood blockbuster made in 1992 staring Daniel Day lewis and a favourite of mine Madeline Stowe.  The TV series starred John Hart and Lon Chaney Jr

These figures were made by MORESTONE in England . Heres a scan of the cover of a plastic warrior magazine I have where you can see that they came as a double pack . Morestone are  best known for die-cast and made a number of cowboy wagons including Hawkeyes wagon, which you can see below.










Coming soon a feature on Davy Crockett figures. Heres a few figures from that genre with more to follow soon

Charbens …… A very nice figure this one










Lone Star Cowboy in Crockett style garb

Davy Crockett

Davy Crockett









and finally perhaps someone can identify the maker of this figure



Extract of Hawkeye and Chingachgook from Morestone box set – Plastic Warrior Magazine ( http://www.plasticwarrior.co.uk )
Magazine image from – http://www.modernmythmuseum.com

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6 Responses to Hawkeye and the last of the mohicans

  1. Hello, the unknown figure is by Braidwood of Scotland. There were two versions of the Lone Star figure you have here, this one was sold as Crockett on a carded set fighting a grizley bear, it also included two of the western children. the other one was just part of the regular cowboy series.

    Best wishes, Brian

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